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Radiant Heating Products

Custom Floor Heating
is going green! In an effort to help preserve our environment, our stainless steel boilers are Energy Star rated, 95% efficient, and the most cost-effective way to heat your home as well as your hot water. You also save on monthly fuel costs, decrease your carbon footprint.

Floor Heating Products


Boiler, Floor Heating Products

Triangle Tube, Floor Heating Products

Prompt & Professional Parts Repairs
Our service trucks are kept fully stocked with extra parts, just in case of an emergency. We have floor heating specialists to help you with any problems you may be experiencing, so call us today to have a heating technician come by. We carry a full line of products:

Boilers | PEX® Tubing | Pumps | Zone Valves | Electric Heating Cables | Thermostats

Triangle Tube Boilers
Lower your carbon footprint while getting paid to do it! These boilers are eco-friendly for both the environment as well as your wallet. Call our Radiant Floor Heating service today, to place your order.

Mr. PEX Tubing
The Mr. PEX System eliminates the icy kitchen and bathroom floors with cold drafty rooms, putting an end to the method of overheating some rooms in order to reach other hard-to-heat areas.

Reduce your heating bills by 20% to 40% and significantly increase the resale value
of your home when you contact our distributors for these Radiant Floor Heating products.

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